Quality through Priorization

In order to effectively avelliate the quality of life of mankind, the Alliance of International Aid targets central sectors that are crucial for a sustainable development in all societies.

Notwithstanding other sectors the main focus of the Alliance vests in the following sectors


A life in quality is such with a prevalent medical infrastructure.
It remains to be taken for granted for people living in the first world, but the progress of oneĀ“s technology reminds one of the lack in the third word.

The Alliance is keen to make a difference for the best.

Fighting Hunger

Fighting Hunger remains one of the greatest missions of humanity. While many people think of colonializing mars, they forget the importance of waging war against hunger.

The Alliance is keen to take this mission and to win this war.


The UK and the US remain the forerunners in excellent education from which we can learn but can also get inspired from.

The Alliance wants to give people the chance of tasting elitarian education in the field of science and technology and various other fields to become enlightened with beneficial knowledge for our society.


His Highness once said:
"Think global and act local"

And global-thinking does not only necessitate thinking about our global society alone, but also when it comes to time, meaning the future.

It remains our responsibility to make the best of our lives by focusing on future generations.