The Alliance of International Aid is a Non Governmental Organization and special purpose vehicle (SPV) organized as an association by German Law founded on the of May 2022 in Wesel Northrhine Westfalia.

The Alliance targets to upscale the indicatorial quality of life of countries worldwide through humanitarian activities initiated through cooperative activities of states. It is through these cooperative activities that international cooperational rapprochement is initiated.

Upscaling the Quality of Life

The Quality of Life is measured in various indices worldwide that illustrate where it is best to be born. Staying with his name Sultan Dakik is ready to promote equal standards for humans worldwide so that the location of oneself does not matter in the first line. 

Global reputation

The Alliance makes use of his global political and international reputation in order to realize various social welfare projects. With an advisory council of global leaders and Sultan Masood Dakik as inspirator, the Alliance takes pride of its leading contributors.

Essential sectors

These are for instance projects in the sector of education and medical support for developing countries and various others. From a constitutionalist point of view fundamental rights can most excellently be promoted through the generation of minimum standards like nutrition, housing, health and education.


The Alliance of International Aid is keen to establish a prosperous and sustainable society for the sake of next generations to come.