Disabled Persons

Being handicaped is a tribulation which many people do not consider as very serious in certain societies. The Alliance thus acts in developing the quality of Life of handicaped people in order to avelliate their hardship giving them equal chances as healthy people in the most optimal outcome.

Dakik vows to seek aid for the disabled, orphans


Many handicaped people wish to act emancipated without assistance of others.

Based on this the Alliance dedicates to Medical R&D in order to upgrade medical technologies that can help handicaped people to be emancipated in their life.


The Alliance assists handicaped people who have lost a certain ability that we take for granted and bring them mental peace of mind. 

This also serves the amelioration of peace of mind of people with mental disorders in order to give them a chance in society.


Hope remains the most crucial part of the Alliances contributions for handicaped people as togetehr with serenity hope ameliorates the quality of life of handicaped people in a mental sense, that constitutes a pillar of the definition of the quality of life of a person.

The R&D actions of the Alliance shall give handicaped people worldwide hope in gaining their lost ability again.
(Zachary Kyra-Derksen)


Self-love is another important aspect of living a life with quality especially handicaped people have a hard time in establishing vivid self-confidence.

For this purpose the Alliance dedicates to following the needs of handicaped people in such a manner as that they can become leaders a healthy person might become jealous for.
(Nathan Anderson)


It remains a duty of the Alliance to give handicaped people the realistic and beneficial impression of living a life of quality and that not only in a normalized way, but an ameliorated and elevated  one.