Orphan children

The commitment for the Alliance remains a central aspect of its identity, that is based on the inspiration for the founder of the Alliance Sultan Masood Dakik and his previous excellent projects in ameliorating the living standards of orphans based on his long expertise.

Dakik vows to seek aid for the disabled, orphans


The Alliance dedicates to give orphan children the same chance as non-orphans in gaining education and getting up the fundaments of their career.

For that purpose the Alliance dedicates to the establishment of educational institutes that make way for a global career for orphans.

Everyone has got the right to engage in a sustainable career and to become a global leader.
(Wanman Uthmaniyyah)


Orphans shall become part of society as every child independant of the hardship they go through shall be valued as an equal part.

The Alliance achieves this though lobby activities as well as the establishment of conferences and events for the rights of orphan children.


From physical to mental health initiatives the Alliance dedicates to equal health rights for orphans in such a manner that their struggles to survive find an end through comfort and peace of mind.


The Alliance assists orphans in pursuing a career in Excellence and high contribution in our global cosmopolitan society.

The Alliance stands hand in hand with the orphans they assist and generate new young leaders of tomorrow.


Normalization shall as in all other sectors be the optimal goal of the Alliance, but it shall not only be normalization but superiority in tribulations. 

The Alliance is keen to give their orphans the feeling that their pain was not for nothing and that after every night there is a shining morning of success.