Humanitarian Aid

The Alliance of International Aid provides humanitarian Aid through the expertises of various specialists and the long and valuable experience of the founder His Excellency Sultan Masood Dakik. 

It is through humanitarian aid, that the Alliance of International Aid aims to set the foundation of the quality of life of people and based upon it upscale it further and further.

Dakik vows to seek aid for the disabled, orphans

Providing hope

May it be in the field of projects that include economical alleviation or the supply of nutrition and other essentials, the Alliance of International Aid stays with its founderĀ“s vision to accelerate the establishment of a fraternal world.

Widow empowerment

In certain societies where women are lacking equal rights, widows are next to orphans on the edge of society.
Being formerly depended on their deceased husbands they have lost their fundament of existence and are hence totally disregarded by these societies.
Katsiaryna Endruszkiewicz

Orphan children

Most people cannot imagine the tremendous hardship of having no parents and struggling to survive for then next day. It thus remains our duty to assist these young children to gain a place in society and to live a life in comfort.
Imdadul Hussein

Handicaped People

Being handicaped is another significant disadvantage that leads to disintegration within society on which occasion the alliance of international Aid targets to empower their role in society and upscale their quality of life through international cooperational methods.
Danny Nee