Sultan Masood Dakik is the founder of the Alliance of International Aid and the inspirational master mind of the association.

He is an experienced veteran in the field of international aid with a great expertise in ameliorating the Quality of Life of humans in third world countries.

His Commitments did not only encompass third world countries but also the support of developed countries in the further development of their societies in light of new economical and social goals that are set up.

  • Born 19. August 1967 in Kabul as member of the Afghan Royal family from his fatherĀ“s side (father in the middle of the picture)

  • His mother was member of a significant saintly house that takes pride for their bloodline to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Initial businesses in international Production (Sustainability)

  • Very respected Lobbyist with a strong network in royal families and institutions worldwide
  • Worldwide respected for his international philanthropic projects

  • Honored with the Federal Cross of Merit of Germany
  • Initiation of Consultancy activities on behalf of various governments

  • Cooperative state development initiatives in Africa and the GCC through know how transfer from the West.