Advisory Council

The Alliance of International Aid is taking pride of its advisory council made up of Experts that coordinate the progresses made with effective measures.

Dr. Ernst-Joachim Trapp

  • German Industrialist, Chairman of Trappco
  • Leading industrial developer of the former Kingdom of Afghanistan

Expert in Industrialism and Urbanism

Hon. Prof. Dr. Igor Luksic

  • Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Montenegro

Expert in Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy

Hon. Yves Leterme

  • State Minister of H.M. King Phillippe of Belgium
  • Former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium

Expert in Public Administration and Diplomacy

Congressman Curt Weldon

  • Former Member of US Congress for 20 years (Vice-Chair of the Armed Service and Homeland Security Comitee)
  • Key Strategist in the Liberation of Kuwait 1990
  • Government Advisor and Strategist

Expert in Government Strategies and Anti-Terrorism

Congressman Amb. Mark Siljander

  • Former Member of US Congress 
  • Accredited Ambassador in rapprochement missions

Expert in Faith Centered Diplomacy

Congressman Hon. Steven C. Watkins

  • Former Member of US Congress
  • US Governmental Advisor

Expert in Government Relations and Supply Chain Engineering

James Wasserstrom

  • Former US Diplomat (UN and AFG mission)
  • Leading Anti-Corruption Scholar

Expert in Anti-Corruption Strategies

HH Sheikh Al-Hasan bin Ali al Nuaimi

  • Member of the Ruling Family of Ajman, UAE
  • Leading Peace Studies Scholar

Expert in Peace and Tolerance Strategies

Thomas Helmer

  • Former Football Player for Borussia Dortmund and Baveria Munich
  • Federal Cader - European Football Champion 1996

Expert in Sports and Humanitarian Aid

Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof

Expert in Interdisciplinary Innovation and Exchange

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Becker

  • Professor of Ecology

Expert in Sustainability

Bruno Wenn

Expert in Economical Development