Advisory Council

The Alliance of International Aid is taking pride of its advisory council made up of Experts that coordinate the progresses made with effective measures.

Dr. Ernst-Joachim Trapp

German Industrialist, Chairman of Trappco
Leading industrial developer of the former Kingdom of Afghanistan
Expert in Industrialism and Urbanism

Hon. Dr. Igor Luksic

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Montenegro
Expert in Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy

Hon. Yves Leterme

State Minister of H.M. King Phillippe of Belgium
Former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium

Expert in Public Administration and Diplomacy

Congressman Amb. Mark Siljander

Former Member of US Congress and Ambassador
Expert in Faith Centered Diplomacy

Congressman Hon. Steven C. Watkins

Former Member of US Congress
US Governmental Advisor
Expert in Government Relations and Supply Chain Engineering

James Wasserstrom

Former US Diplomat (UN and AFG mission)
Leading Anti-Corruption Scholar
Expert in Anti-Corruption Strategies

HH Sheikh Al-Hasan bin Ali al Nuaimi

Member of the Ruling Family of Ajman, UAE
Leading Peace Studies Scholar
Expert in Peace and Tolerance Strategies

Hans-Joachim Weber 

Former Protocol Referent in the German Foreign office, assisting the Federal President and Chancellor of Germany
Expert in Protocol and Diplomacy

Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof

Member of the board of the Foreign Affairs Association
Expert in Interdisciplinary Innovation and Exchange

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Becker

Professor of Ecology
Expert in Sustainability

Bruno Wenn

Chairman of EDFI Association

Expert in Economical Development